Fertilizing mature japanese maple tree

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You have to ask yourself why you have the compulsion to fertilize your Japanese maple. Is the tree looking sickly? Would you like it to grow more quickly? Or are you just trying to give it the best care that you can? Japanese maples are truly one of most low maintenance plants you can have in your landscape. In many cases fertilizing these low maintenance plants can do more harm than good, unless you really understand how and why fertilizers work.
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How to Fertilize a Japanese Maple Tree

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Japanese Maple Fertilizer Needs: When To Fertilize Japanese Maple Trees

Japanese maple trees Acer palmatum fulfill many roles in the garden. Some have a dwarf growth habit and make attractive bonsai trees, while others add beauty and shade as full-sized trees. These trees need special care for healthy growth, including fertilization. Know when to fertilize young and mature Japanese maple trees to help them produce robust trunks and foliage, which encourage the tree to survive well into old age.
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Fertilizing Japanese Maples

Japanese maples have been cultivated for centuries and can be a lovely addition to your landscape. They are native to Korea as well as Japan, and offer a number of different leaf shapes and colors ranging from bright green in the spring to bright red in the autumn. Japanese maples can thrive in either the ground or containers and generally grow slowly. Well-drained and acidic soil is very important, along with healthy and fertilized soil. If you are not lucky enough to live in an area with rich soil, you will need to fertilize.
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Japanese maples are garden favorites with their graceful, slender trunks and delicate leaves. They make eye-catching focal points for any backyard, and many cultivars delight you with fiery fall displays. If you want to learn when and how to fertilize a Japanese maple tree, read on. Finding a good site for your Japanese maple is the single best thing you can do to keep that tree healthy.

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